Aztec Treasure

The whereabouts of Montezuma’s treasure during the Aztec empire has been a mystery for centuries. The treasure was apparently hidden in the southwest of the United States somewhere around the Grand Canyon region. Many treasure hunters have lost their lives in search of the riches. No longer does one have to risk their life attempting to find the long lost treasure. Now all you have to do is go to your favorite online casino and play the video slot game Aztec Treasure.


The theme of the game Aztec Treasure revolves around the wealth of the Aztec civilization that lived in the Mexico region during the 14th-16th centuries. Most of the symbols used in the game are related to the Aztecs, including an Aztec king and queen, an Aztec helmet, an Aztec warrior, a jaguar, a gold necklace, and numbers and letters written in the ancient style.

Bonuses/ Wilds:

This game offers the stackable wilds which means instead of just getting one wild symbol, you can get up to four wilds stacked on top of one another so that the entire reel is wild. The Aztec king is the wild symbol and can substitute for everything except for the idol bonus symbol. You can get these in multiple combinations on reels 2, 3, and 4. Most of the really large pays usually involve quite a few wild symbols. The wilds are frequent and seem to come up fairly regularly.

The idol symbol is the bonus scatter pay. Three or more idol symbols triggers the free spin bonus round. A unique feature that I personally like is when you get two idol symbols it prolongs the remaining reels and increases the sound effects to enhance the drama of whether or not you will get that third idol symbol to trigger the bonus round. Not a big deal, but just a small added feature that I liked. You can get up to 25 free spins and any idol symbols that come up during the free spin round add extra spins as well.

Slot Characteristics:

This is a five reel 20 pay line slot machine with a maximum bet of 20 credits. The denomination ranges from .01 up to $5 per credit. The on-screen jackpot is the Aztec queen all the way across which awards 5000 credits. The neat thing about the Aztec queen is you get paid even if you get just one on the first reel.

Aztec Treasure features a progressive jackpot. The unique thing about the progressive is you don’t need to bet a certain number of credits to be eligible. It is hit randomly at the end of the spin and is not determined by what symbols are on the screen. In other words you can be betting one credit and have no winning payout on the screen and you could hit the progressive. Having a progressive jackpot always makes a slot game a little bit more enticing. Even though the odds of hitting it are low, the possibility is always in the back of your mind.


The stackable wilds and the fact that you can get them on multiple reels make for some very lucrative payouts especially when you are betting 20 lines. The added bonus of the random progressive is a nice incentive and the fact that you don’t have to bet max credits is great, but I would prefer it be determined by something you get on the screen. This game seems to have a lot of wins that are below the amount you bet, so the wins seem more frequent but in reality it’s not really a win. Overall, Aztec Treasure is an enjoyable video slot that I would recommend giving a try.

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