The Luckiest Lady in the World?

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but luck does. One lucky lady has won two mega-jackpots by playing slots in just 72 days at an online casino, taking home almost €7 million.

“I had barely recovered from my first jackpot, and then it happened a second time” says the happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It feels almost unreal and not a thing you expect to happen. After winning the first pot, I had to deal with a lot of administration such as the bank and finance managers – so one of the feelings that cropped up first was; Now we have to go through that again. Ha, ha. Nevertheless, the positive feeling is of course much stronger. It is simply unbelievable” continues the happy winner.

27th May saw the first win, in the Arabian Nights slot game at CasinoEuro, netting €3.3 million. Then, on 7th August luck struck again, this time in the Mega Fortune slot. The winnings were even greater this time, at €3.7 million. In total, the winner took home €7 million in winnings in just 72 days, equal to a daily wage of €97,222.

CasinoEuro has obtained the odds from gaming supplier NetEnt, and for just the first jackpot, the odds are 1 to 5.4 million. The second win carried odds are 1 to 1.4 million. However, for the same person to win both in the course of 72 days, the odds are in the billions.

“For a loyal casino customer to win two jackpots of this magnitude is just unbelievable. For such a curious and magnificent story to take place at CasinoEuro makes us very proud” says Sam Brown, Managing Director, of CasinoEuro.

After going against impossible odds and becoming a millionaire, the winner does not have any shopping spree on the cards. Here’s the full interview with who probably is the luckiest lady in the world!

How did you feel when you won for a second time?

“I hadn’t yet fully recovered from the excitement of the first jackpot I won and then it happens a second time… This is just too unreal and too incredible to comprehend. After my first win I had to take care of a lot of administrative things with banks, financial managers and accountants and one of the first things I thought was ‘here we go again’…haha. But of course, the positive feeling is much stronger than that! It’s just incredible.”

Are you aware of the odds of how lucky you were?

“It’s just something that is too big to understand. What are the odds to win one big jackpot, let alone two of them in a matter of months? I’m aware that this is something incredibly rare, but it’s just too difficult to get a handle on it. It kind of defies human understanding.”

How will you enjoy the money? Any idea what you will spend it?

“Well, you won’t see me doing anything crazy with the money. I’m just not a bling-bling person. With my first jackpot I didn’t buy anything spectacular, as I do not want people to think of me differently. Money is not something that should determine my personality. It’s most important to me that I can stay myself. What I did do was help some people who are close and dear to me. To make the lives of other people better is what interest me more than money. Slowly but surely, however, I start to understand that I can now realize dreams and goals in my life that seemed unattainable in the past. That’s great and it’s certainly something I will work on! Money certainly enables you to do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and it makes a lot of things easier. I will keep my job for now, but I’m not sure yet for how long. First I want all this to sink in!”

Will you go for the 3rd win? Are you going for the hattrick?

“Good luck comes in threes, they say and it would sure be nice to add another big win. As long as the games are good and they provide me with fun, I will certainly play. I like to play jackpot games, but also the ones that do not have jackpots. To win a third jackpot… I know the odds are against me, but I happily accept the challenge, haha!”

Why do you play at CasinoEuro?

“CasinoEuro is a great place to relax and have fun. There are a lot of different games with both low and high stakes. I feel they’re honest about what they do. My questions were always dealt with in a correct manner even before I was a big winner. When I won my first jackpot, I got a phone call straight away to confirm it and to comfort me in my state of shock! I was assured that if I’d turn my computer off, the money would still be there, haha. It was real! This kind of treatment made me feel good about the level of service at CasinoEuro. Also before I was a jackpot winner, I was always treated professionally and with attentive care. At this casino I have the feeling my money is safe. In short, it’s a great place to win big.”

Would you recommend CasinoEuro?

“I would absolutely recommend CasinoEuro as a great place for entertainment. In my country there is a lot of negative publicity regarding online casino’s but that is not my personal experience at all. If you want to play in a safe casino environment with great games and great prizes, CasinoEuro should be high on your list.“

Here are the 2 slot games she played when she won the jackpots:

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