New iPhone App Lets Users Gamble on Slot Machines

Have an iPhone? Now you can play slots with real money on virtual slot machines, trying your luck with just the swipe of your finger.

Big Fish Games has introduced a gambling app, ‘Big Fish Casino’ that lets users bet on real money. It has added an improved and rebranded version of the Card Ace game. The game is already running in U.S., and will soon be introduced in the U.K. market.

Big Fish Games is not a new name for game lovers. The company is extremely famous in the gaming arena, and this is the first time they have launched a smartphone app related to gambling. Game developers have built a digital version of casinos and slot machines for smartphone and tablet users. They are expecting that by 2017, they’ll be able to see a wager of $100 billion per year. This possible payout has made developers of Big Fish Games eager to substitute virtual currency with some real cash in their other apps, even though it might lead to restriction in U.S. because of anti-gambling rules.

Christopher Griffin, the CEO of Betable, believes that this is the biggest opportunity for game developers ever since the beginning of internet. This seems a bit exaggerated but let’s see how things turn out to be.

One thing is for sure; it isn’t going to be very easy, as Big Fish can see competition approaching soon. Zynga, another popular name in online social gaming, made a statement that it is planning to launch a real money slots platform in the coming year.

While Big Fish has plans to launch real money betting to other apps, the only thing that is holding them back is the gambling restriction in U.S. Fortunately, according to analysts, the limitations on online gambling might be loosened in many states, including New Jersey, Nevada, and California.

Meanwhile, in the U.K., there are many companies producing iPhone slots apps, with William Hill and Betfair Group being the prominent ones. Griffin said that Betable is currently working with some other game makers to launch real money games by the end of 2012.

Coming back to the star app, Big Fish Casino lets users enter their credit card information to play slots. Big Fish and Betable will divide the profits that are made on each virtual slot machine. This app isn’t a single game, but actually a group of games. Apart from slots, they also have Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and a lot more. All these games can be played in real time with other players.

Tom Neumayr from Apple said that even though the number of companies developing online slot apps is increasing, Apple isn’t taking a part of their sales. He further commented that they are allowing games in their app store as long as they comply with their company policies and local laws. He did not make any specific comments on Big Fish Games.

Paul Thelen, the Chief Executive Officer of Big Fish, said that Apple did not want to get involved in this. They don’t want to play the role of a middleman in any gambling operation.

That certainly is good news for iPhone users, but what if you are an Android user? Don’t worry, the app is also available on the Android platform. The app itself is free, but you would need money to play with slots. And that’s not all- you can also use this app on their Facebook page.

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