5 of the Most Popular Online Slot Machine Games

Gone are the days of pulling the lever on the “one-armed bandits” as the mechanical reels spin, and if you win your tokens clunk down into the coin tray. Whether you play slots in land-based casinos or online, things have changed quite a bit in the slot machine industry.

Today, all the new games are called video slots. Most still have reels but these reels are now virtual. It took a while for some slot players to get used to, but now they have taken over. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular online slot machine games out there right now.

#5: The Incredible Hulk

Dr. Bruce Banner has taken the slot world by storm. You can play up to 50 lines on this 5 reel machine, and look for the Hulk to give you multipliers, free spins, and bonus pays. One of the biggest things about this game is it has a large progressive jackpot. In fact, it was just hit for $1.1 million on one of the online casinos. Next time you’re playing slots look for the Hulk slot machine because you may want to try your luck at that million dollar jackpot.

#4: Jacks or Better Slot Machine Game

Jacks or Better is known as the “Granddaddy” of video poker. It was the first video poker game and all other video poker games have been derived from it. Well, guess what? It’s now a slot machine. This innovative slot machine has taken the popular game of Jacks or Better video poker and turned it into a slot machine game. You don’t have to decide which cards to hold, all you have to do is hit the spin button and hope for a royal flush.

#3: Thunderstruck II

In case you missed the first Thunderstruck slot machine game, which was and still is a very popular game, there is now Thunderstruck II. This 5 reel slot machine has a unique feature where there are 243 pay lines that are enabled at all times regardless of the amount you bet. That gives you 243 different ways to win. The graphics and audio on this machine are as good as it gets. Look for Thor to randomly cast his bolt of lightning that can make up to all 5 reels wild cards.

#2: A Night Out

Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Don’t worry because you can have “a night out” right from your computer. This slot game makes people feel like they’re out for a night on the town. When you have a beer mug as a wild symbol, a barman as the bonus symbol, and a dancing bar girl as your scatter pay, you know you have a hit on your hands. I love the bonus round in this game. If you get two barmen on one reel you go to the bonus. First you get to select one of the six lovely ladies to dance with to determine how many free spins you receive, and then your lady of course needs a drink. Well, make sure you buy her what she wants because that will determine your bonus multiplier.

#1: Lord of the Rings

I still remember reading the books as a kid. J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic has made its way from the big screen to the little screen. Personally, I like the fact that this slot includes actual video and audio from the movie. It gives it a much more authentic feel. Just like the movie and books this will be a trilogy so look for all three to come out.

These are five of the more popular online slot machine games that are on the market today. Like I said, new technologies and innovations are changing everyday so look for new features to be added to future slot games. My question is when they are going to have a bonus round where skill is involved. Once they do, I’m all in at that point. I’ll be a slot machine junkie. Until then I’ll just have to enjoy playing these great slot games.

Let me know if there is one I left off the list that is your favorite. Let me know the name and any cool features or bonuses.

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